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Thanal Orphanage®(NGO) under NMM Abhaya Charitable Society is a Healing centre for the destitute who were driven out from the families in their old ages. Rhythemic union of various members under a shelter makes a good family. When this rhyme lost its fluency the family life became worse. Among various stages of man he/she needs much care in old age. But the attitude of our society towards the old peoples is become worse and we neglect them fully. There have many old peoples who wandered in the streets for love and care after a life’s hardous effort to mould a good and precious life for the followers. We aimed to be a help to them and provide support to them. We protect, We care ,We nurture and We nurse the destitutes, the handicapped, the mentally challenged and the unwanted people negleted by their own relatives.


From the beginning to here we followed a pre arranged time schedule in daily routines. We have prayers, meditations, camps, entertainments. We don’t impose any thing to any one. But all are followed it happily and these works helps them to heal the wounds of their minds. The healthy orphans do some works as they can. We have visitors from various places include students, employees and others. We compel the healthy orphans only for walk and exercises.

We have all religious members in the committee and in the orphans. So our prayers are not based on any religion. As all we believed in universal brotherhood. Members of the executive committee are gathered on every Friday in the house and their meetings will empower the Home. We are happy and proud to saw that our orphans are coming back to life. They came here with the bowed heads and with the burden of shames. Now they are relieved from their sorrows and learned to overcome the pangs with the comfortable interpretations of peoples. Their satisfied smiles give us strength to go forward and we recoganised that our efforts are not vain.

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 Thanal Orphanage®, Mananthavady, 5th Mile, Kerala, 670645.Reg No 307/2001.

President Mr.M C Mathew.


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